About us

BaggårdTeatret is one of the country’s largest regional theaters in terms of population. As a regional theater for Svendborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Ærø and Langeland municipalities, we reach out and create performing arts performances, experiences, school theater and education for citizens, tourists and visitors throughout South Funen.

The theater reaches out – not just in the Archipelago – but in the world. We create locally rooted performing arts for the rest of the world, and international artists live in residency under our roof. Rooted in a seafaring city, we have decades of experience in connecting the ultra-local with the international. Svendborg has always been a productive melting pot for maritime and artistic expression, and BaggårdTeatret stands on the shoulders of both.

BaggårdTeatret offers a modern take on the communities of the future. Visiting the theater means encountering something different or new. Whether you arrive by water, take a detour, or head straight for your seat, you'll be captivated by a story that's still unknown to you. Here with us, you are always welcome.

Artistically, BaggårdTeatret spans a wide range from intimate dramas to expansive musical performances, developed in collaboration with renowned artists like Søren Huss, Katinka, and the Odense Symphony Orchestra. We are a creative, producing, and professional theater that actively works to make theater more accessible and welcoming to a broader audience. We are pioneers in the country, taking audiences outdoors on dramatized and critically acclaimed audiowalks that are available anytime, in multiple languages. For us, the stage extends beyond the theater walls; our work encompasses more than just performances.

BaggårdTeatret is proudly supported by the municipalities of Svendborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn, Langeland, Ærø, and Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen.

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