audiowalk in Marstal Based on Carsten Jensen's novel

'We, the Drowned' is a dramatized audiowalk created by BaggårdTeatret that brings Carsten Jensen's great novel about Marstal's sailors and their families to life. A unique audio walk in the narrow streets of Marstal with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lene Maria Christensen and Esben Smed in the roles, and Carsten Jensen himself as narrator.

Put on your headphones and walk to the end of the world with us. A stunning walk through Marstal town awaits you – into the cemetery, along the back roads and along the water. And let this be clear to you: You are not walking alone! The voices of the town will be your companions and characters from the novel will appear along the way. You don’t need to have read the book before – but if you have, the performance will add more layers to the story.

Discover the story of absent fathers on the seven seas and strong widows holding up the city. Listen to dire predictions of the future and see if you can find clarity and hope as the sea threatens to wash over land.

What can we accomplish when we pull together?

What piers will we build to secure our harbor?

We, the Drowned begin at the ferry landing in Marstal harbor, where you start your tour at Hans Krull’s Monument for Danish Sailors on Dampskibsbroen. The tour, which stretches over approximately five kilometers, takes you through Marstal’s historic streets and along the water, ending at the tip of Eriks Hale. From here you can enjoy the view before returning to the city center. Follow the purple signs with our audiowalk logo along the route and use the GPS map in the app if you get lost.

starting point: Dampskibsbroen
Havnepladsen 8, Marstal
final destination: Eriks Hale
Kalkovns Stien, Marstal
89 kr. / 12 euro per ticket
Route length: approx. 5 km + return
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Recommended from 13 years

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Carsten Jensen

Born 1952 i marstal

Carsten Jensen, born in 1952 in Marstal, is a prominent Danish author known for his essay writing, socially critical debate books, travel books and his political and humanistic insights. His most famous work, Vi, de droknede, depicts life and death in Marstal from 1848 to 1945. The book, which has earned him great acclaim and several literary awards, unfolds life in battle with the sea – ship disasters, tales, community, loss and broken families.

Since the novel was published in 2006, travel-hungry readers from all over the world have visited Marstal to see the places described in the book. With BaggårdTeatret’s site-specific audiowalk, the audience gets the opportunity to experience the story where it takes place – guided by Carsten Jensen’s voice, which takes you in and out of the fiction.

Behind the scenes


Narrator: Carsten Jensen // Albert Madsen: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau // Klara Friis: Lene Maria Christensen // Knud Erik: Esben Smed // Karoline: Johanne Louise Schmidt // Herman: Nicolaj Kopernikus // Laurids: Roland Møller // The Widow: Githa Lehrmann // Young Albert Madsen: Emil Arbo Klein // young Knud Erik: Emil Helbing

The artistic team

The Audiowalk is beased on the novel of Carsten Jensen // scriptwriter:  Jannie Schjødt Kold // Instructor: Jakob Engmann // Sound design:  Mathias Sørensen // Music: Mathias Sørensen // Idea by: Jakob Engmann // Production manager: Thomas Dam Jensen // Technician: Kasper Lindgren // Graphic Design, Website & Illustration:  Lea Helene Adelsten Olsen // Communication & PR: Jon Albjerg Ravnholt & Jannie Schjødt Kold // Producer: Sophie Villsen // Finances: Trinemaii Pihl Withgaard // Production coordinator: Kat Sekjær // Production assistance: Mona Grube Wickstrøm // English translator: Nina Sokol // German translator: Ulrich Sonnenberg // Pressphotos from Marstal: Ard Jongsma // Press photos from the sound studio: Jakob Carlsen

We, the drowned is produced by BaggårdTeatret

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