Audiowalk along Svendborg Sound

'The Silence of the Sound' is a beautiful and meditative audio walk along Svendborg Sound with Lars Mikkelsen as narrator and with South Funen authors Josefine Ottesen, Mikael Josephsen and Jesper Wung-Sung in the cast.

On the 6 km route, you’ll cross the footsteps of six writers who live or once lived in Svendborg. First you’ll meet Josefine Ottesen, Mikael Josephsen and Jesper Wung-Sung, who all live in Svendborg. Then you enter the realm of the dead, where Karin Michaëlis, Tom Kristensen and Bertolt Brecht come to life to join you.

The Silence of the Sound is about South Funen as a refuge and about finding peace. It is about using the pen as an escape about and creating your own story, step by step, word by word.

The tour starts at the harbor in Svendborg by the Maritimt Center and ends at Brechts Hus at Skovsbostrand 8. Follow the red signs with our logo along the Øhavsstien and use the GPS map in the app for your exact location. Remember to turn on GPS and notifications when you walk the trail. The route is approximately 6 km long and you can take the bus back to Svendborg from Rantzausmindevej near Brechts house.

starting point: Maritimt Center
Havnepladsen 2, 5700 Svendborg
final destination: Brechts Hus
Skovsbostrand 8, 5700 Svendborg
89 kr. / 12 euro per ticket
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Route length: approx. 6 km + return
Duration: approx. 2 hrs. & 30 min.
Recommended from 16 years

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Ungt Teaterblod
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"Everyone should try it. It's better than mindfulness."
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"Masterful Lars Mikkelsen in fascinating sound theater"
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"An incredibly beautiful trip"
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"Audiowalk in Svendborg with Lars Mikkelsen in your ears is a surprisingly beautiful experience"

Josefine Ottesen

B. 1953

Josefine Ottesen is a bestselling author known for her novels for children, young adults and adults, including Eventyret om Fjeren & Rosen. She has received several national and international awards, including the Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Book Prize.

Karin Michaélis

1872 - 1950

Karin Michaëlis was one of the best-known Danish writers abroad in the early 20th century. In addition to her writing, she is also remembered for helping political refugees from Germany, including Bertolt Brecht. She is buried on Thurø.

Michael Josephsen

B. 1961

Mikael Josephsen is an acclaimed author and poet who writes realistically with grotesque humor about society’s most vulnerable. Mikael is known for his poetry trilogy Knæk, Jeg er Farmor and Jubelidiot and has received the Danish Fiction Writers’ Honorary Award.

Tom Kristensen

1893 - 1974

Tom Kristensen was a prominent figure in Danish literature. He was a literary critic and author of travelogues, essay collections, novels and poetry collections. His most widely read work is the novel Havoc from 1930. He is buried on Thurø.

Jesper Wung-Sung

b. 1971

Jesper Wung-Sung is a major Danish author of young adult and adult novels, short story collections and children’s books. He often writes about what it is like to be a man or to be different. In 2018, he won the Golden Laurel Award for the novel En anden gren.


1898 - 1956

Bertolt Brecht was a German playwright, director and author. He fled to Denmark in 1933 and lived in Svendborg in the house at Skovsbostrand 8, which is now used as an artist and researcher residence. Here he wrote a collection of poems about Svendborg, among other things. In 1939, he fled to Sweden with his family.

Behind the scenes


Narrator (dk & uk): Lars Mikkelsen (DE): Tom Wlaschiha // Josefine Ottesen: Josefine Ottesen // Mikael Josephsen: Mikael Josephsen // Jesper Wung-Sung: Jesper Wung-Sung // Tom Kristensen: Joen Bille // Karin Michaëlis: Meike Bahnsen // Bertolt Brecht: Tom Wlaschiha

The artistic team

Writers: Leonie Pichler, Danijel Szeredy, Josefine Ottesen, Mikael Josephsen & Jesper Wung-Sung // Director: Leonie Pichler // Sound design: Mathias Sørensen, Kontrafej Lyd // Music: Søren Huss, Svendborgdigte, Mathias Sørensen, Hanns Eisler & Percy Whitlock // Idea by: Jakob Engmann // Dramaturg & producent: Anneline Köhler Juul // Translator UK: JHS International ApS // DE: Johannes Schwalke // Production & technology: Thomas Dam Jensen & Freja Dreisig Sørensen // Graphic Design, website & Illustration: Lea Helene Adelsten Olsen // Press Photos: Jakob Carlsen // Trailer: Goodwill Film

The Silence of the Sound is produced by: Baggårdteatret

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