Here's How It Works

  • Download the BaggårdTeatret app from App Store or Google Play.

  • Buy your tickets for one of our tours in the app.

  • You must allow the app to access notifications and Location/GPS ‘always’. Otherwise, the audio will not automatically play when you enter a new GPS zone.

  • Remember to bring headphones and ensure your phone is charged.

  • Start the tour at the designated starting point.

  • Use the GPS map in the app if you get lost on the route.

  • We recommend walking our tours in daylight, wearing good walking shoes, and bringing water and snacks.

  • Learn more about each tour on this website under the ‘Audiowalks’ tab.

Note: The BaggårdTeatret app performs best on phones with the latest operating systems/software for both iPhone and Android. For the optimal experience, we recommend updating your phone to the most recent software version. Also, remember to update the BaggårdTeatret app from the Google Play or App Store before use if you have an older version installed from previous use.

If you have an older phone that hasn’t been updated for a while, you may experience issues with making payments in the app.

In-app payment

To buy access to our audiowalks in the BaggårdTeatret app, make sure you have a valid credit card linked to your Google Play or App Store account. Here’s what to do if you need to add or update your credit card:

– Open Google Play.
– Select ‘Payment methods’ in the settings to add or update your credit card.

– Open App Store.
– Go to ‘Account settings’ to add or update your credit card.

If you encounter problems linking your payment card, you can find further guidance in the links we have for Android and iPhone users here:


If you experience problems purchasing access to our tours via the in-app payment system, you can instead buy access with a audiowalk code/voucher and pay via MobilePay.

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