Award-winning audiowalk on Langeland

Take your whole family on an adventurous journey of discovery around Langeland with H.C. Ørsted and an all-star cast of actors. Including Iben Hjejle, Danica Curcic, Rasmus Botoft, Kirsten Lehfeldt and Karen-Lise Mynster.

Against the Current is an award-winning audiowalk that transforms the breathtaking nature of Langeland into a living stage. An adventurous journey of discovery where you and H.C. Ørsted go on a wild hunt for great discoveries all over Langeland.

Feel the power of the elements around you and get excited by the interplay between nature and science. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with legendary discoverers like Inge Lehmann, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Tycho Brahe. Perfect for adventurous souls and science enthusiasts of all ages!


As something special, this audiowalk is divided into four acts, which are located throughout Langeland. You only have to walk three acts and you choose whether you want to experience all three acts in one day or take the tour over several days.

The first act starts in Rudkøbing and the last act starts at Skovsgaard Gods. Between the two acts, you can choose whether you want to drive north to the sculpture park Tickon in Tranekær or south to the harbour of Bagenkop.

starting point: Gåsetorvet
Brogade 13, Rudkøbing
final destination: Skovsgaard Gods
Kågårdsvej 10, Hennetved
89 kr. / 12 euro per ticket
Duration: approx. 2 hrs & 45 mins + transport
Recommended from 8 years
We recommend driving between the acts

Here's how it works

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Fyns Amts Avis
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"You're bombarded with sensory impressions when you walk in Ørsted's footsteps."
CPH Culture
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"Thure Lindhardt's linguistic energy in the role of Hans Christian Ørsted guarantees that we'll never be bored on the trip. His most important partner will ultimately be Langeland. If you've never visited the island before, you're in for an overwhelmingly beautiful experience."
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"Against the Current is summer entertainment on a high level. The fact that there is information about the great scientist H.C. Ørsted and fictional encounters with other highly gifted people only adds to the experience."
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"The interaction with both the sounds of the city and the whims of nature is planned down to the smallest detail, and it has become one of BaggårdTeatret's hallmarks in their audiowalks."
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"BaggårdTeatret's audiowalk 'Against the Current' combines information and entertainment in the best possible way on the trip through Langeland's varied landscapes, the childhood homeland of enlightenment man H. C. Ørsted."

H.C. Ørsted

1777 - 1851

H.C. Ørsted was born in 1777 in Rudkøbing. He and his brother Anders moved to Copenhagen in 1794, the year after their mother died. In 1820 he discovered electromagnetism and in 1825 he isolated the element aluminum. Throughout his life he searched for the secret behind the great forces of nature.

In 1849-1850 he wrote The Spirit in Nature, his true testament to natural philosophy. Ørsted saw no boundaries between art and science and invented 2000 Danish words.

Behind the scenes


H.C. Ørsted: Mads Hjulmand // Benedichte: Danica Curcic // Johan Wilhelm Ritter: Rasmus Botoft // Ellen Fuglede: Iben Hjejle // H.C. Ørsted’s dad: Kristian Halken // H.C. Ørsted’s Mom: Signe Mannov // Anders Ørsted: Simon Sears // Marie Curie: Kirsten Lehfeldt // Albert Einstein: Stig Hoffmeyer // Inge Lehmann: Karen-Lise Mynster // Tycho Brahe: Waage Sandø // wigmaker: Hans Henrik Clemensen // Baker: Martin Geertz // Old Lady: Judith Rothenborg // Fisherman: Rasmus Hammerich // H.C. Andersen: Elliott Crosset Hove // The theater director: Jakob Engmann

The artistic team

scriptwriter: Jannie Schjødt Kold // Director & idea: Jakob Engmann // Assistant Director & Sound Design: Mathias Sørensen // Music: Mathias Sørensen, Morten Winther & Christian Rohde Lindinger // Dramaturg & Producer: Anneline Köhler Juul // UK translator: Nina Sokol // DE translator: Johannes Schwalke // Production & technology: Thomas Dam Jensen & Kasper Lindgren // Graphic design, Website & Illustration: Lea Helene Adelsten Olsen // Press Photos from Langeland: Ard Jongsma // Press photos from the sound studio: Jakob Carlsen // Trailer: Goodwill Film

Against the current is produced by Baggårdteatret

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